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The Red Chair

In his first-ever book, highly-respected Australian psychiatrist Dr John Webber shares the compelling true story of his patient Judy and the past-life therapy that changed their lives.

My Story

Everyone has a book in them, the saying goes, but I never thought I did. It was eight years ago that I was exposed to the evidence supporting reincarnation, life after death, and consciousness existing beyond our bodies. My engagement with this knowledge led to a very new perspective on who we really are and opened up my way of thinking. 

This expansion in thinking has come as a surprise to those who know me best. I was always strong academically and comfortably qualified for entry into Melbourne University's Medical School. After thirteen years of university and interning, and having passed the specialist exams of the RANZCP I was qualified as a psychiatrist.


This is why after thirty-six years in psychiatry The Red Chair is the book I was never expected to write but am delighted to share. 

Amazon reviews

Wonderful Journey

This is a true story beautifully told. I can't recommend it more highly. I loved it.
I read this with an open mind and was so taken with its vulnerability, courage, and humor.
You are in the room and get the honor of witnessing a wonderful journey of two people letting go to the love and wisdom we all have within us. Hoorah for John and Judy.




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